* The depicted game is a limited non-profit early-bird edition made for Czech Mind Sports Olympiad 2012. We intend to use more quality material for the actual release.

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Same rules, two different games

Princes of Amber provides two different gaming experiences within the same set of rules, depending on the number of players.

Endless variations, no killer strategy

There is no killer strategy to follow which ensures your victory. Each game start differently, goes differently and provides different experience and enjoyment. You never get bored.

2 players: Pure strategy

Except of an initial setup of a game board there is completely no "chance" in the game. Everything is up to your strategy and thorough planning.

Core and Advanced rules

To get quickly into the game you may start with the Core rules. Once you get comfortable there are Advanced rules to be explored for the perfect balance.

4 players: Unscrupulous diplomacy

You need an ally in order to win the game, you cannot win on your own. But the Amber's crown fits only one head. Your ally is your enemy.

The 4-player game diplomacy is as intriguing as you remember it from Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber.

Expansions on the way

There are four princes in the game: Corwin, Julian, Brand and Caine. More princes are coming in further expansions together with new cards, unit types and game concepts.

Read more about the game on our official blog.

The Story

Amber is the only true reality among an infinite number of worlds you may ever imagine, which are just Shadows cast by Amber. Its king Oberon and all of his numerous offspring posses an ability to travel between these Shadows and visit any place that ever comes to their mind.

But father Oberon mysteriously disappears leaving his nine sons and four daughters without settling a succession to the throne. Everyone, having their own ambitions, immediately starts to plot intricate nets of conspiracies, alliances and double-crosses and fights against each other for the throne.

Choose your prince, travel the Shadows, gather allies, conspire and fight. But remember, there is only one true Amber and it has only one crown. Your allies are your enemies.

Prince Corwin


Mighty swordsman and master diplomat. He is always the stronger in an alliance. Both militarily and in leadership.

Prince Julian


Guardian of the Forest of Arden. He knows every its hidden pathway. You never know where his armies surprise you.

Prince Caine


Admiral of naval forces and merchant. Trading with him you always lose. And don't let him bribe your armies.

Prince Brand


The only sorcerer in the royal family, Brand can teleport enemy armies across Shadow worlds, even the worlds themselves.

Flip the Prince

Teaser Game: Flip the Prince

To ease the waiting for Princes of Amber we have created an online teaser game Flip the Prince.

It is a very simple yet mind-bending game for 2-4 players played in 10 minutes. It shares a core concept of the game board made up of cards with Princes of Amber, yet is much more simpler.

Check it out!